It’s a family thing.

Blue Monarch Coffee is owned and operated by one family – The Wilsons (aka “The Dubbs”). The 7 of us contribute to the coffee process and make the experience unique. What is our goal?

Roast coffee that will lead to a conversation.

What does that mean? Well, it’s simple. We want you either drink or serve coffee that tastes’ so fresh and flavorful — you have no choice but to talk about it. And if that doesn’t work…maybe the surprise inside the bag will get you talking.


We own the whole process – from selecting “green” (unroasted) beans, storing, roasting, packaging, marketing, and supporting your experience with Blue Monarch. While we don’t own a trendy coffee shop or a massive warehouse, we still expect to give you a premium experience.

Give us a shot and please let us know what you think.