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Ever wonder how to pull the perfect shot every time? These tips should help. 

There are many factors here most importantly being what type of machine are you running. We will assume you have a prosumer style of home espresso unit. If you have a different unit or still have questions please feel free to email us!

dosing-portafilterFor a bottomless or double spout portafilter use 20 grams of coffee grounds. You want this to be ground fine to very fine depending on your machine. Once you have weight the coffee to 20 grams grind it into the portafilter. Tap the grounds to 30# of pressure. This can be tricky but a consistent tamp is key to having consistent espresso shots. A good trick is to use a bathroom scale a few times to get used to the pressure that it takes to reach 30 pounds of force.


Now install the portafilter on your machine and start your shot. 20 grams of ground coffee should yield a 30 gram shot in 30 seconds. This can vary a little up or down but you should be within 30 grams for 30 seconds each time. If you are getting some shots at 10-15 seconds with a 30 gram yield then make a finer grind to slow your water rate down. If you are getting a 30 gram yield in 40-50 seconds your grounds are to fine and you need to move to a larger grind.


A good shot will have nice crema on top and will not leave a bitter taste after drinking! Now go enjoy some great espresso.

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