Mission Adelante

Supporting the Latino's, Burhamese, and others in the Greater Kansas City area.



The largest women's shelter in Kansas City, helping battered and single-women.

Why do we help?

We’ve been blessed to work on projects in China, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Sudan. Each of these countries has unique needs and a very clear opportunity to make an impact. But, we started Blue Monarch Coffee with the intent of focusing on our local community.

There are lots of ways we can help our local community and we hope we can inspire you to get involved. Here is how we (Blue Monarch Coffee) are using our resources.

  • $1 of every bag of coffee sold goes directly into a separate fund. This fund is then used to support local organizations focused on helping battered woman, children, and refugees.
  • Coffee that doesn’t sell within a few weeks of being roasted is provided as a gift to organizations that provide food/nourishment to the needy.
  • If there are opportunities to use our influence (i.e. Social Media) to drive awareness, we will do it.
  • If there are opportunities for us to get our families involved, we will.

Our first priority is making sure you get coffee that is undeniably awesome. Our second priority (and a close second!) is making sure Blue Monarch Coffee continually makes a positive impact on our community.

None of this happens without your business, feedback, and participation. Here is how you can help.

  1. Drink Blue Monarch Coffee.
  2. Tell others about Blue Monarch Coffee.
  3. Let us know of any needs/organizations/or opportunities for Blue Monarch to get involved. 
  4. Be available! We’d be happy to connect you with opportunities to serve the local community (Kansas City + Midwest). 

Thank you for you commitment to our coffee and mission. We appreciate you!

Funds Raised This Year

$ 455

Through April 2017This is from your commitment to our coffee and the sales of our bags! Money is going to organizations below.

(updated every month)

Coffee Donated

$ 310

Through April 2017The ($) value of coffee we’ve been able to donate to local organizations!

(updated every month)

Organizations We Love Supporting