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HOW-TO: Make an AeroPress Americano or Espresso

By January 14, 2017How To Brew

The Aeropress is one of the more underrated coffee devices known to mankind. It’s compact, doesn’t require much effort, and clean-up is a breeze. More importantly, if you do it right these little fellas can provide you an outstanding cup of coffee.

Today I’m going to walk you through our process of making an Americano with the Aeropress. It takes about 5-minutes and will leave you pleasantly surprised.

What do you need:

  • AeroPress Unit  ( Buy on Amazon RIGHT HERE)
  • AeroPress Filter
  • AeroPress Measuring Scoop
  • 300g of Water
  • 30g of Coffee (preferably BlueMonarch)
  • Kitchen Scale (optional)

Lay out the supplies.


30g of Blue Monarch Guatemalan Beans


Preparation Stage

You’ll want to start by boiling your water (at least 300g) to 205-210g. While the water is boiling, now is a good time to grind your coffee. If you are using the included AeroPress scoop, you’ll want to full scoops of unground coffee. That is approximately 30g. Set your grinder on the Medium to Medium-Fine setting. Your ground coffee should look similar to this:

Medium Grind Setting – 30g

After your coffee is ground, check on your water. Once your water reaches the boiling point move the kettle off of the heat and let it cool for NO LESS than 45-seconds. We’ve had best results with the water between 200-205 degrees.

Game Time

Now that you have your water and coffee beans ready for game-time, let’s quickly move over to the AeroPress.

Just like with your pour-over, it’s important to pre-wet your filter. You can use your boiling water or some sink water to briefly soak your filter. It doesn’t take much, so give it a quick rinse and set the filter in place.

Pre-Wet the Filter

Step #1 – Connect the two vessels

Everything is ready to go, so now you’ll want to connect the two vessels, base and suction. Connect them so that the rubber bottom of the suction is just covered by the base.

Firmly connect the AeroPress

Flip the press so that the base is on top (numbers upside-down).

Step #2 – Add Coffee to Press

The press is ready to go, it’s turned upside down. If available, set the press on a scale and pour in your coffee grounds. You should aim for 30-32g of ground coffee.

Dump those grounds into AeroPress

It’s easy to get grounds around the rim of the press. Before the next step, either blow or wipe those grounds off the edge. This will prevent them from getting between the lid…and potentially into your cup.

Step #3 – First Pour – Soaking

You are ready to start soaking those beans. Go ahead and pour 2x the amount of water than grounds. If you poured in 30g of coffee, pour an additional 60g of water.

30-45 Second Soaking.

Give the grounds and water a few stirs (not more than 4-5 stirs) and let it sit for about 30seconds.

Stir 5-6x – I just use Aero Scoop

Don’t rush.

Step #4 – Second Pour – Filling up

After the coffee has soaked for 30 seconds, go ahead and add the rest of the water. You’ll want to come pretty close to topping off the press with water. We try to aim for 200-215g of total water.

Top off the water – aim for 200g of total water

Once the water is topped off, screw on the lid with pre-wet filter.

Tighten Cap. Let sit.

Let it sit for another 45 seconds.

Step #5 – Flip and Press

It’s time to flip your Aero over and start the pressing. I like to press into a carafe, but some folks like to press directly into mug. Your choice.

Flip Aero over.

Make that flip quickly – to prevent spillage – and set securely on top of mug/carafe. You can now start pressing.

Start Pressing

You’ll want to press with just enough force that you can finish the press in about 30 seconds. Try to keep the pressing even (no stopping) and complete until the end. You’ll know you are finished after you hear the infamous hissing sounds from the press. Press all the way through the hissing and it becomes obvious that you’ve hit the bottom.


Let it sit for 15 seconds and drip off the remaining bit of coffee.

Step #6 – Pour and Add Water

Congratulations, you’ve just manually made yourself a shot of espresso. You’re basically a barista! 😉

Espresso. 200g style.

Now, add the remaining amount of hot water to the carafe/mug and enjoy yourself an Americano. We try to aim for a total of 375-400g of water. That typically means we double the amount of water with the final pour.

Add 1.5x to 2x water.

Now, the most important part. Pour and drink.




Thank you for reading. Hope this helps!

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